#SHAPEYOGA will take place at SMU Campus Green, an open, tranquil place surrounded by the campus and museums. Venture out of your air-conditioned zone and join a community where curious souls, wellness explorers and yogis come together to share their positive energy.

Start your Saturday morning with an invigorating 75-minute vinyasa flow, followed by a calming meditation session, and 45 minutes of buddy yoga which will inspire you to try exciting, Insta-worthy partner moves in a safe environment.

Shape Yoga will relax, rejuvenate and motivate you in ways you've never imagined.



06.15AM     Registration

07.00AM    Fun Flow Vinyasa Flow

08.15AM     Meditation

09.00AM    Buddy Yoga

09.45AM    Healthy Breakfast by Mr Bean
                   and Dian Xiao Er

10.30AM     End

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