Amore Fitness

Amore Fitness

Amore is a way of life. For over 30 years, with a strong following of customers from all walks of life and 18 outlets island wide, Amore Fitness Group is more than a holistic and innovative approach to fitness and healthy living. Expect a combination of affordable world-class gym facilities, and fitness classes, including its 9 Signature classes: BellyBlitz®, BodBlitz®, BollyBlitz®, CardioBlitz®, CardioLatino®, FunkBlitz®, KickBlitz®, StepBlitz® and StretchFit®.

After your workout, relax at Amore Boutique Spa with a variety of treatments including facials, massages, hydrotherapy treats, scrubs, wraps and many more. With five-star spa facilities, you’ll find everything you need to wind down with our Jacuzzis, Oxygen Cove and aromatic steam bath facilities.

At Amore, our passion goes beyond to bring vibrancy and wellness to everyone, reaching out to the masses with our award-winning fitness programmes and quality spa services. For more information, please call 6336 3822, or visit our website at


An addictive and high-intensity dance workout inspired by the colourful world of Bollywood and the funky moves of hip hop. With instantly-recognizable hand movements and footwork moving to infectious Bollywood beats, BollyBlitz® is a fun and vigorous cardiovascular workout class for everyone.


An exotic signature class infusing aerobic techniques with traditional belly dance moves, BellyBlitz® is an all rounded workout that targets not just the abdomen but all parts of the body. Learn to hip shimmy with inspiration from the ancient dance form, while working the arms, upper body, and abdominals through sensuous movements to unveil a confident, svelte figure. Hip scarves are required.


Experience the ultimate dance-fitness workout, specially designed to incorporate stylish hip hop, street and funk into aerobics. Get the heart pumping, improve the stamina and work the entire body while moving and grooving to the infectious, latest funk music with FunkBlitz®.


Bugis Junction, #03-01, 6336 6822   I   6338 1822
Heartland Mall, #03-11, 6285 1822   I   6280 7822
Jurong Point, #03-17, 6337 7333   I   6226 7822
Plaza Singapura, #04-09, 6733 7333   I   6334 4822
Seletar Mall, #02-38, 6339 7822   I   6339 7822
The Star Vista, #01-14, 6466 6822   I   6466 6822
Thomson Plaza, #03-49, 6223 3822   I   6732 1822
Woodlands Civic Centre, #06-11, 6892 1822   I   6894 2822


Tampines 1, #05-18, 6789 8822   I   6784 1822